Los Angeles, California – May 16, 2017 – World Gym International, the iconic global brand for bodybuilding and seriously fun fitness, continues its steady growth by signing deals for 9 new gyms in the first quarter of the year in 7 countries, including the first gyms in Lebanon and Belgium.  The gyms span 4 continents and are a mix of conversions from existing gyms and brand new facilities. “Every year we are increasing the number of countries where World Gym operates, all while strengthening our business in the United States.  Today, World Gym is more global than ever,” said Guy Cammilleri, Chief Executive Officer of World Gym.  “Europe and the Middle East continue to be areas where we see a lot of growth potential.” In the first quarter of 2017, World Gym has closed deals to open franchises in: Australia Maroochydore Belgium Morlanwelz Canada Calgary, Southland Egypt Alexandria, Stanley Nasr City Germany Cologne Meinerzhagen Lebanon Sidon Taiwan Hsinchu Zhubei The growth of World Gym International parallels the growth of World Gym Athletics, a new, small group training program available at World Gyms around the globe.  To date, every gym that has implemented World Gym Athletics has seen increases in both member retention rates and in revenue, particularly in personal and small group training.  In the next months, World Gym will open its much-anticipated gym in Nashville, TN, as well as announce additional locations in the United States.