World Gym Music City was one of the first gyms to implement World Gym Athletics and they have already seen tremendous success.    World Gym Music City franchisee Johnny Wilkins started World Gym Athletics with 20 scheduled classes a week.  Due to the overwhelming popularity of the classes and programs, Johnny has expanded to 32 Athletics classes per week, including all of the signature programs, Performance, PACE and HIIT Camp.

Johnny shares, “We’re converting members from nearby studios and boxes who recognize the quality of our programming at an unbelievable value.  We’ve succeeded because we trust the programming that Doug has created and don’t rush any of our members into it.  We take the time to teach them proper technique and they become hooked.”

World Gym Music City charges a 127% premium for a World Gym Athletics membership from their entry level membership.  Currently, 12% of all members are actively engaged and paying for World Gym Athletics.    Even though it is a premium membership, it is still perceived as a value to nearby studio members.  Johnny credits his WGA Coaches, Ryan Rushing and Mel Barber for helping members succeed.

Head Coach Ryan says, “The science and methodology behind the programming makes all the difference for our athletes.  We’ve seen so many people who had hit plateaus in their workouts breakthrough and immediately get faster and stronger.   Within the first 2 months, 90% of our athletes hit a new personal record.”

Mel also thanks the active social media for getting people hooked, “I try to post at least 1 video or photo from every class and it really motivates people to come back so they can be featured again.”

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