Every year the World Gym family convenes in Las Vegas to share ideas, recognize the great work across our global network, see the latest equipment and learn how to drive more membership sales and increase profitability.  It is a fun and educational 4 days.  Every World Gym franchisee in good standing is entitled to two free Convention Registration Packages.

This year, we are at the glamorous Aria Resort & Casino:  a fresh new location for a bigger, better World Gym Convention. Room rates start at just $119.

Book your travel, see all the available discounts, register and get more information at worldgymconvention.com.

We’re proud to announce this years’ list of educational seminars at the 2018 World Gym International Convention.

Business Planning for Club Operators 

Operating the premiere fitness destination in your community requires a solid business plan.  From annual budgeting to capital expenditures and improvements to managing your payroll, the WGI operations teams will lead the discussion on how to set up your gyms for financial success.


Developing Your Next World Gym 

You know what would make being a World Gym Franchisee even more fun?   Owning more World Gym locations.  Learn about all the steps, tools and resources available to open your next World Gym.  From site selection, to landlord negotiations to gym design, to contractor selection, to pre-sale to opening, WGI has all the tools you need for even more success.


Growing Personal Training Revenue in an On-Demand World 

The apps and gadgets that are supposed to make us feel more connected don’t always do that.  Nothing will ever be able to compete with one-on-one individual attention from a well-educated coach.  Nothing will improve your bottom line better than a thriving PT program.  We’ll talk best practices for sales, commissions, ongoing education, empowering your coaches to grow the business for you and how to make sure you have the best possible coaches and trainers at your World Gym.


How to Recruit, Train and Keep the Right Staff 

You know the old saying, “Good help is hard to find.”    It seems that terrible help is everywhere.  You might have the right people but not the right training program for them.  You might be the best gym in town but are you the best place to work?  Hear HR experts talk about everything from benefits packages, competitive wages, employee retention, recruiting and training strategies to make sure every member of your team represents your business the way you would.


How to Maximize Your Sales Leads 

Get the door swinging, the phones ringing and the inbox dinging.  There is a whole digital tool kit available to get new leads through your doors.    Once they come by for a visit, did you know there is a whole other set of digital tools to help you convert them to becoming a member?  See all the tools that are available to you, including how to improve scripts for your staff when they answer the phone, how to retarget people after they visit and most importantly, how to upsell and close the deal on all your leads.


Franchisee Panel & Town Hall 

In this interactive seminar, you’ll hear directly from some of our most successful operators all around the world.  They will share stories, advice and lessons they learned the hard way on how to be successful.  If you have questions you would like answered during this session, email marketing@worldgym.com.