You Don't Have to Be a Celeb to Train Like One

Consumers were forced to change their habits during the pandemic—working at home rather than in an office and having groceries delivered instead of browsing a store. And many found that these options created a new perspective; rather than subscribing to an “either/or” mentality, they realized they enjoyed switching their preferences depending on what worked at any given time.


That’s the benefit of World Gym Anywhere, which lets franchisees offer the best of both worlds to their members in a hybrid design. Just like many people have decided they’ll toggle between working at home and in the office, your members appreciate having choices in where they work out. While many have been excited to return to their physical gym to soak up the camaraderie and use equipment, they don’t have access to at home, they also are likely to appreciate the option to work out virtually when it suits their schedule.

Benefits to franchisees


“The biggest reason an owner should opt-in to World Gym Anywhere is to make money,” says Director of Franchise Sales Jackie Mendes. “Hybrid fitness comes down to creating another revenue stream so you can literally make money while you’re sleeping.”


Hybrid fitness is likely to be a force over the long run. “Right now, it’s an evolution, and you have to constantly be open to considering new ways to do business to stay strong in your local markets,” she says.


It also can be a powerful lead generation tool. “It allows you to introduce the World Gym name more widely and connect with potential members who will come into your doors when they’re hungry for more,” Mendes says. “Onsite and online gives you the ideal blend to meet a variety of needs.”

Benefits to members


During the pandemic many people reconfigured their schedules to get what they wanted when they wanted—they streamed shows when it worked for them, ordered food to be delivered at a certain time and did work when they had peak energy. As consumers discovered the value of reorienting their routine, that convenience and flexibility has become an expectation and mainstay. “You have to be there when they’re ready,” Mendes says.


Online classes also offer consistency and personalization. Members have access to a library of group fitness classes led by coaches from their local World Gym and from across the global network, including fitness luminaries like Les Mills and celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. That allows for more programing than you could possibly feature in your club.

World Gym Anywhere also allows you to showcase your local star talent who have built a following of their own. “Group fitness is very much about relationships, so your members can see those instructors they’ve gotten to know even when they can’t come in,” Mendes says.


And it works in reverse: A popular format or instructor can drive people through your doors so they can experience it in-person.

Ready to add World Gym Anywhere to your offerings?


Each owner can choose how to deliver the hybrid fitness model, such as including the app with a higher-membership tier  or providing it as a stand-alone product to purchase on its own.


The beauty of World Gym is that they allow franchise owners to make the decisions that work for their location and clientele, Mendes notes.

She recommends clubs promote the availability of the online component by putting it front and center—as a component of all your marketing channels and in-house, using a kiosk or broadcasting classes on your club’s flat screen.


“World Gym Anywhere is designed to complement your existing programs and widen reach,” Mendes says. “It’s just one more way you can add value to your community.”