Four Proven Ways to Nurture Leads

Finding members is a never-ending task, so the last thing you want to do is miss out on converting a member when they are this close. But anyone who’s ever encountered an over-eager salesperson knows there is a fine line between showing your interest and coming on too strong. Here are some tips to help. 

  1. Ask the right questions and really listen to their answers. 

Always start with their fitness goals so you can tailor your discussion based on those needs, suggests World Gym’s Franchise Business Coach Jared Deptula. “Make sure you are focusing on exactly what makes your club unique or well-suited to their specific goals,” he says. 

For example, a new mom easing back into fitness might be interested in the camaraderie and inspiration your club provides through good-natured challenges. A hardcore weight lifter want to know more about your floor setup than the group fitness. And someone who has loose goals, like “get in shape” or “lose weight,” might need to explore everything you offer to find their ideal fit. 

  1. Determine what was missing in their previous fitness journey.

If they’re new to the club world, you can ask what they are hoping for. What can be harder is converting someone who has been a member elsewhere in the past, even if it wasn’t recently. You want to know what didn’t work for them so you can address those issues specifically.  

Maybe the club was cutting edge when they joined and went downhill; you can explain your plan to refresh equipment and amenities on a set schedule. Or there was too much turnover with trainers—while you can’t assure them someone will be there indefinitely, you can share positive track records of your own staff. 

  1. Follow up and show them you remember. 

Having an organized customer relationship management (CRM) system is crucial, Deptula says. We find the clubs working with one of our trusted vendors and using their CRM routinely are most successful in converting prospects to members.” A CRM keeps you organized by tracking everything from the last contact to a prospect’s preferred communication method.

As part of your follow-up, refer to your notes on their goals and questions and address them in a customized fashion to demonstrate you were listening and are eager to cater to their specific needs. Choosing a gym is a very personal decision, and it’s vital to emphasize they will be a valued part of your community—and that starts during the sales process. 

  1. Stay in touch subtly.

While you should have a plan for reaching out personally, you also should make sure your social media is doing its job by actively updating them on club news and general vibe. Deptula again praises the many tools World Gym offers to make handling social media easy and fun. “It’s a non-intrusive way to introduce them to you as a club and keep you top of mind.”

And be sure to ask where they are in their process and then listen—they might have found another club, or they might need space and time to make their choice. “Check in occasionally to see how they’re doing. Joining a health club might not be their top priority, and it could just be a timing thing so staying in touch can work in your favor.”

The bottom line is to make it personal, Deptula says. “From the get-go, develop the relationship rather than worrying about being on script.” 

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