Myzone is proud to announce its partnership with World Gym as the brand’s official wearable technology provider. Using Myzone’s heart rate monitors and digital platforms, the World Gym community now has unlimited access to host challenges for members using technology that adapts to any ability and levels the playing field. Member challenges are just one way that Myzone helps to boost member retention and creates a more engaging experience for athletes.


By training with heart rate monitors such as the MZ-Switch, gymgoers and Myzone movers can gamify both training and recovery sessions. In addition to tracking physical activity in each session, earning Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) provides the motivation for anyone to meet or exceed the World Health Organization’s guidelines for physical activity – 1300 MEPs – in a month.


“With such an iconic brand as World Gym, the expertise that members rely on needs to be complemented by the highest standards of engagement, accuracy and education,” explains Mike Leveque, Myzone CEO of the Americas. “This is especially true as heart rate zones play a pivotal role in the brand’s innovative World Gym Athletics programming, helping anyone better handle the challenges of everyday life.”


“Providing accurate tracking of physical activity in-club with remote classes for any member that wants to move at home, Myzone is a community engagement tool that will bring more people together in the World Gym community.”


World Gym’s COO, Jarrod Saracco, added, “Over 45 years, we’ve earned our legacy in the story of modern fitness; now we’re working to shape its future. Adding Myzone’s wearable devices to what we offer means we can keep more people physically active for longer, from our tech-savvy members to our everyday athletes just looking to record progress on their journey of physical activity. This new partnership means that World Gym has added another element of health and wellness to make our gym experience more rewarding for every member, however they want to work out.”