It’s all about you, tell us more!

We are eager to hear more about you and your vision for starting a profitable gym that will make an impact in your area. Whether your dream for a gym is large or small; budget, mid-tier or premium – we have the answers. So we can work closely together help you succeed, tell us more, we will get back to you to coordinate a discovery call.

**We are currently seeking new gym owners in all markets located in the US except Washington State, New York, and Hawaii. And in Canada in all markets except Ottawa and Quebec.

Why World Gym?

For forty years, World Gym has been at the epicenter of the modern fitness scene-the place where Muscle Beach meets Hollywood, and where serious fitness meets celebrity. We LOVE working out, and we’re constantly developing ways to make the gym experience more rewarding.

As a prospective franchisee, you will soon discover that World Gym is much more than just a gym franchise; it’s a way of life. We eat, drink, and breathe the gym, and you’ll find our passion reflected in how we continually innovate and improve the World Gym Experience.