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Jarrod Saracco Talks World Gym's Legacy Model, Brand Future

World Gym Chief Operating Officer, Jarrod Sarraco, sat down with Club Solutions magazine to discuss what's in store for the future of World Gym.

In July, World Gym introduced a new strength-only concept, with a smaller footprint and emphasis on strength training.

According to Jarrod Saracco, the COO of World Gym, this new concept is the first of two new models being released by the brand in the coming weeks. Today, the brand boasts 230 franchise locations on six continents, and these new concepts will provide franchisees with additional opportunities to expand. 

Here, Saracco shares more on World Gym's legacy model and his vision for the brand’s future.

CS: What was the inspiration for World Gym's new legacy model? 

JS: We’re seeing a shift in consumer behaviors, member usage patterns and market trends. In addition, from a franchising perspective, this model gives us opportunities to be in different markets where our Signature gym model may not make sense.

CS: What are you most excited about concerning the concept? 

JS: So far, I am excited about the response. It’s been overwhelming to see how many people have commented or shared or re-posted the articles and press release. In addition, the requests for interviews have been crazy. I can’t wait to have the first few open. I guess we are on to something.

CS: How will this concept set World Gym up for success in the future? 

JS: This gives us some flexibility when looking for new franchisees and in addition it allows for expedited growth.

CS: World Gym has had quite a few exciting announcements recently. What are the ones you’re most proud of? 

JS: This is difficult to answer honestly, because the release of the two new gym models is big stuff. The new Signature Gym model featuring STUDIO X is also going to have people talking. There is so much going on right now it’s hard to nail down. We’re playing offense — aggressive offense — and making waves. I love it.

CS: What is your vision for World Gym’s future?

JS: We are pursuing growth here in the U.S. first and foremost. The goal is to get to 500-plus locations in the U.S. in the next five years. Our international presence is strong and continues to grow daily, so seeing more World Gyms in a town near you is going to be the reality. This is a legacy brand, an industry icon. We need to take our place at the top of the mountain once again, and that is the goal.

CS: What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in the fitness industry? 

JS: Honestly this varies in different markets. We’re all facing staff challenges, and this can impact amenities and services your gym may provide. The trickle-down impact of this has led to us making some of these exciting adjustments to our model. Consumers have changed post-COVID. Our gyms and the way we deliver fitness needs to change as well.