Studio X by World Gym

World Gym Introduces Signature Gym Model Featuring Studio X

Los Angeles, CA (Oct. 4, 2022) ­­– With over 230 franchise locations on six continents, World Gym International, the iconic, globally recognized fitness franchise brand, with its roots tracing back to the early days of Muscle Beach, has announced the introduction of yet another game changing gym model: “World Gym Signature.” The fitness landscape is rapidly evolving. Consumers are returning to the gym and are looking for a better experience, not a cheaper one. This new gym model is designed for those seeking a full-service facility, but with a remarkable focus on results in an inspiring environment.

“We’ve completely re-imagined the typical ‘big box’ gym experience and redefined the category,” said Jarrod Saracco, COO of World Gym International. “We've been closely monitoring the shift in consumer behaviors and where the industry is going. Our new Signature gym model with Studio X is going to captivate a whole new generation of franchise owners and gym members.”

World Gym Signature Features:

Optimized at 25,000 sq. ft., the World Gym Signature model is an exciting evolution of the classic World Gym. This model includes a large training floor with cardio, including a “connected cardio” section, bringing popular at-home technology to the gym floor for all to use. Other features include:

  • STUDIO X, a revolutionary new studio concept that is a multi-dimensional, self-contained, group training eco-system. For gym owners, it reduces build out costs, monthly upkeep costs and payroll costs all while increasing member engagement, driving ancillary revenue, and creating memorable workout experiences. The Studio X powerful software system has the ability to control the programming, lighting, music and overall environment for a one-of-a-kind workout experience. “We’ve just completely changed the game when it comes to the group fitness and specialty studio experience,” says Tiffany Hamlin, National Director of Group Fitness for World Gym. “There’s nothing like it – it’s an all-in-one total package studio solution designed to meet the needs of today’s members.”
  • INCINER8, World Gym’s exclusive, new and specialty “boutique- style” fitness experience. This max-effort interval training workout is designed to push members to their maximum calorie-burning potential in under 25 minutes. Heavily rooted in heart rate-based programming, members can choose from different class formats including boxing, functional training, strength training and circuit training workouts.
  • Booty Boulevard ™, an innovative line-up of specialized equipment focusing solely on the glutes, guaranteed to be one of the most in-demand areas of the new gym.
  • A Wellness and Recovery wing that offers diverse options of well-being and rejuvenation.
  • A member code of cooperation and empowerment that has evolved from World Gym’s 46-year-old ethos of building better bodies from the inside out and being a fitness family, including the member-to-member board of motivation in the locker rooms.
  • A brand-new, stylish reception area created to boost members’ in-gym experience with a sleek new Barbell Café and customized retail displays to maximize ancillary revenue and build additional profit streams.

World Gym is pursuing an aggressive expansion plan in North America and abroad, with several new gyms currently in development. Ideal franchise candidates are business professionals and gym enthusiasts who are passionate about health and fitness, creating jobs and helping their communities live better lives.

World Gym Signature is the second of two modernized gym models introduced by World Gym International in recent weeks. Both gym models will be featured, plus additional innovations will be unveiled, when World Gym International hosts its 2022 Global Franchise Convention at L.A. Live in Los Angeles from October 13-16. Interested and qualified individuals who are looking to learn more about the World Gym opportunity are invited to attend. For more information, please contact World Gym.

About World Gym International

The iconic World Gym brand was founded in 1976 by Joe Gold during the glory days of “Muscle Beach” in Santa Monica, CA when serious fitness combined with the world of Hollywood celebrities. Since then, World Gym has evolved into an internationally recognized brand that has captured the imagination of fitness enthusiasts around the globe. With its headquarters located in Southern California, World Gym currently has over 230 locations on six continents. To learn more about World Gym and franchise opportunities with this storied brand, please visit