An iconic brand. More than forty years of fitness heritage. World class fitness programming. Comprehensive marketing services. All of those are good reason to join the World Gym family. Our most important asset is our team.

Our ownership and management team has over 200 years of cumulative experience, and we’re committed to the success of every Franchisee. We’re always just a phone call, email, text or tweet away.

World Gym is family-owned and operated. We are NOT a bunch of “suits” isolated and huddled together in some far away office tower. Our team is located in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Dallas, Toronto, Hamburg, Moscow, Taipei, and Sydney. We enjoy being on the road, visiting gyms, working out, and we’re always in-tune to the true needs of gym owners. At World Gym, you’ll find an open management style, rapid growth, an exciting pace and a team environment in which self-motivated individuals can thrive.

Chief Executive Officer
Guy Cammilleri
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Expertise: Leadership & Branding

Guy has been leading World Gym since his family acquired the company in 2009. Under Guy’s leadership the iconic brand has transformed into an innovative full-service company leading the industry in digital marketing, branding and fitness programming. World Gym Athletics grew from Guy’s passion for HIIT, functional training and Olympic lifting.

Marcus Cammilleri
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Expertise: Gym Operations & Personal Training

A former bodybuilder, Marcus leads operations and personal training programs for World Gym. Still an active coach himself, Marcus spends a lot of his time traveling, working with coaching staff at World Gym to be the best coach they can be.

Chief Operations Officer
Doug Katona
  • Location: Orange County, CA
  • Expertise: Business development, strategic partnerships and gym operations.

Doug is an internationally recognized presenter, strength and conditioning coach, educator, author and entrepreneur. He has coached NFL athletes, Olympic hopefuls and elite fitness competitors. He has worked with many law enforcement, fire, SWAT and military personnel. A gym owner himself, Doug works with our franchisees to strengthen their operations and improve profitability. Doug also leads World Gym Athletics, providing programming for each gym and working with a team of coaches to certify gyms and coaches around the globe.

Director of Franchise Relations
Karin Michael
  • Location: Honolulu, HI
  • Expertise: Problem Solving & Compliance

A 25+ year veteran of World Gym, Karin has seen it all. Karin works directly with all of our franchisees to keep their business strong.

Key Advisor
Mike Uretz
  • Location: Malibu
  • Expertise: Our Legacy

Mike has been with World Gym since the beginning days with Joe Gold. Mike helps all of us stay true to our roots while we continue to grow, evolve and innovate.

Marketing & Communications
Brian Rosman
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Expertise: Our Legacy

Brian helps to shape our marketing and communications and assists our franchisees with marketing challenges in their area. Brian brings expertise from several different industries including fitness, hospitality, food & beverage, retail, consumer goods and entertainment.

Creative Services Consultant
Blake Manning
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Expertise: Graphics and Design

Blake has helped to modernize the World Gym brand identity and customizes it for any place in the world. Blake provides free creative services to all of our franchisees. From designing promotional artwork to helping with signage to advertising campaigns, Blake keeps the World Gym brand iconic.

Manager of Operations
Julius Chiu
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Expertise: Gym Operations

Julius is a Southern California native with an active spirit. He grew up surfing and as a former martial arts instructor and Triathlete, he’s always pursuing new disciplines and challenges.  Julius helps our gyms in the United States operate smoothly and efficiently making them both a fun place to train or work.

Director of Franchise Sales - North America
Jackie Mendes
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Expertise: Fitness Industry Sales

Jackie is a seasoned fitness industry professional who has experience producing and launching a variety of fitness and health-related products, including fitness video productions, DRTV programs, nutritional supplements, commercial fitness equipment and instructor education.