World Gym

Members get lean, fit, fast and strong! Gyms increase member retention and revenue!

World Gym Athletics is a complete training system that can be adapted for personal training, group or small group programming. We believe in training hard with intelligent programming that is safe, intense and balanced. World Gym Athletics believes in technique and skill development prior to moving heavy load or adding volume. World Gym Athletics believe everyone is an athlete. No shortcuts. No gimmicks. It’s fitness truth.

It’s simple. We get the staff to be the most educated, professional and equipped team of coaches. We have the plan and help you implement. We send programming, education and provide ongoing support. All-inclusive but developed with your specific space, demographics and needs.

Why Add World Gym Athletics At Your Gym?

World Gym Athletics is a fun, balanced class that is coached by your certified coaches. We program every workout/class to ensure success.

It’s perfect for getting strong, lean or managing weight.

It’s fun because of the group and the coaches are really good at adjusting all the workouts no matter what level of fitness.

Signature Small Group Training Programs


We get you lean, fit, fast and strong with a combination of Olympic lifting movements, interval training and functional training.


A small group exercise class taught on treadmills with a variety of intervals and programs. Everyone goes at their own pace. You get to listen to music while you burn a lot of calories.


Not your typical boot camp. This is high intensity training camp! All muscles get hit while you burn mega calories and get all-over strong and lean.