World Gym Athletics

Built for your life


World Gym Athletics is a complete health and fitness training solution that prepares you for whatever daily life throws your way.

Built for the every day athlete, we train you to handle life better, more efficiently and safely at your highest level possible. From trained soldiers to new parents in training. From healthcare workers to frontline workers. From those with desk jobs to those whose job is on the road.

We’ve discovered that through education, teamwork AND training, our athletes are more empowered than ever before to train with a purpose and will get stronger and fitter, faster than ever before.

All members, regardless of their age, ability or athletic experience benefit from a systematic and scientific training program that is easy to follow and provides real life application and better results. World Gym Athletics is built for your life.

World Gym Athletics

Coaches Council

Roxanne Cass
Knoxville, TN – USA

Craig Hermans
Burleson, TX – USA

Reyci Martorel
San Diego, CA – USA

Bhakti Patel
Costa Mesa, CA – USA

Dylan Twiner